iTunes Custom Installers

Apple released an update for iTunes yesterday.

Version has the following changes:

  • This update improves support for syncing photos to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from the new Photos app for OS X.
  • In addition, this update also adds several refinements to the Get Info window and improves overall stability.

I had hoped they will solve the issues reported by many users regarding the Mobile Device Support and choppy audio or video playback but their developers are still being lazy by releasing an update to alternate version of the 64-bit, which is just the 32-bit version wrapped up in a 64-bit installer instead of fixing the problems.

You can download the original installers here and the alternate 64-bit installer here. My installers are already on the server ready for download.

[button color=”color” size=”small” url=”” icon=”download” iconcolor=”white” ] Custom Installers [/button]