iTunes Custom Installer

The custom installer for iTunes is ready to download. Note: the Old Video Cards installer has been discontinued by Apple but I’ll keep the latest custom version available in the downloads page as a resource for those that may still need it. For the original installer links and troubleshooting on Windows, you can read this support thread at Apple…

Custom Installers Update 2017.07.26

Here’s the list of the latest custom installers: Burn Aware Free 10.4 Core Temp 1.9 CPU-Z 1.80 foobar2000 1.3.16 Geek Uninstaller GPU-Z 2.2.0 iTunes Switchless Media Player Classic HC 1.7.13 MKVToolNix 14.0.0 Mp3tag 2.83 uTorrent [button color=”color” size=”small” url=”” icon=”download” iconcolor=”white” ] Downloads [/button]