OneDrive is giving Dropbox users 100GB free for 1 year

Yesterday I wrote an article for getting 100GB of free OneDrive storage for two years. You needed to subscribe to the Bing Rewards program but it works for US citizens only. There is a workaround for us outside the US using a special link.

Today OneDrive is giving everyone another 100GB of free storage and the only requisite is to have a Dropbox account. If you don’t use Dropbox you can create an account to take advantage of this. The offer is good for everyone and there are no country restrictions.

The process is simple: login with your OneDrive account here and proceed to verify that you have a Dropbox account.

OneDrive Dropbox Offer

After OneDrive saves the file into your Dropbox account you will be given the 100GB immediately. Together with the Bing Rewards offer, this makes for 200GB for 2 and 1 years respectively.

OneDrive Dropbox Offer

Not bad. Not bad at all.