iTunes Custom Installers

With the Apple Music service launch there were iOS and iTunes updates. The new iTunes version is and it comes with a new icon:

iTunes 12.2 Icon

As with anything Apple releases lately, there are many reports from users having problems with the new Apple Music integration and issues/bugs in this iTunes release. Even more worrying, a mess between iTunes Match and the new iCloud Music Library.

There is also a Mashable article that highlights this problem. Please read it.

The most troublesome reports I’ve read are about iTunes messing with your music metadata like artist, album and other tags. Even removing things like “…XYZ remix” from song names.

[box type=warning]I highly suggest making a backup of your iTunes library or music files before installing the new version, even more so if you want to try iCloud Music Library.[/box]

Get the original installers here. Apple keeps releasing an alternate installer because they can’t get their 64-bit version to work for all Windows uses. If you need this version, get it here.

[button color=”color” size=”small” url=”” icon=”download” iconcolor=”white” ] Custom Installers [/button]