iTunes Switchless Installers

iTunes was released earlier today. Read on to learn about iCloud bundling with this new version.

To my surprise, given that the installer size grew considerably, Apple is now bundling the iCloud Control Panel in their iTunes installers. It has nothing to do with iTunes but I needed to make a test before publishing.

Even more surprisingly, the iCloud Control Panel bundled is version 2.1 when the latest version available on their site is 3.1 which was published on December 11. I won’t put iCloud on my iTunes installers as it only adds to the bloat and file size.

The iCloud Control Panel installer can be downloaded here in case you need it for synching photos, mail, contacts, calendar an tasks with Outlook and you PC.

A reminder for those who want to know what I change or remove in my iTunes installers.

The original iTunes installers can be downloaded at Apple.

My custom installers are on the downloads section.