Welcome to the Site

The site is already up and the only things left to do are retouching some of the design and adding more content. I imported a few posts that I had on the old site to get started and I will add new ones in the coming days.

Here’s a quick To Do list of the changes I’m making or plan to make.

  • Add new posts that I’ve been planning to write for some time
  • Finish coding some of my new apps and publish them
  • Add Spanish support to the site so I can write in English and Spanish. I will try WPML for WordPress to do this.


I’m working on enabling comments on pages, specially for the Custom Installers Downloads page so you guys can comment there about the installers, just like it was before.

I hope you like the new design and find the new content I will add up helpful. Please use the comments section on this post to leave a quick message or suggestion. You can also use the contact page, but if you want to comment about an installer, do it here for other people to see while I work on displaying comments on pages.

Thanks for the patience while changing sites and regards.

Ruben Alamina (ajua)