Notepad++ 7.0 Custom Installer

Notepad++ 7.0 was released a couple of weeks ago and the most notable change is that there is a 64-bit version available. Since this is the first version with a 64-bit variant, some plugins may not be updated yet.

I made a new custom installer for this variant and you can now choose which one to download depending on your platform. My installer adds some configuration settings I use and it has a different default theme by default. It’s a custom one I made for my own use but you can change it at anytime if you prefer others.

Notepad++ with custom theme

The installer also adds an entry to the context menu so you can open any kind of file using Notepad++ even if it is not associated with it.

Notepad++ Context Menu entry

Notepad++ is a great program and one of my favorite text/code editors. There are some newer alternatives like Visual Studio Code or Atom but it remains one of the fastest and lightest out there. I change between them depending on the files I’m working with but Notepad++ still remains as my default text editor.

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