iTunes Custom Installers

Here’s another update to iTunes.

Apple seems to almost want to hide their download links and only offers one for your auto detected Windows version. If you need the original installers, here they are:

With the past few releases of my installers people are reporting an “unsupported method” error while the files are auto-extracting. This time I used a new beta version of 7-zip, which is already published in my downloads list, for compression and the previous version of the SFX module I use instead of the latest one.

Please report back and let us know if that error is gone now.

In case the error still shows, please extract the files manually and install them in the following order:

  • iTunes.msi
  • AppSupport.msi
  • AppSupport64.msi
  • MobileDeviceSupport.msi

For a manual silent installation, use the switches /qb /norestart from the Windows Run dialog or the command prompt.

[button color=”color” size=”small” url=”” icon=”download” iconcolor=”white” ] Custom Installers [/button]